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These days TripAdvisor awarded us the Travellers’ Choice 2023. We were so surprised! Thank you! Dear Friends, Supporters, and Well-wishers of our Spa! You took the time and effort and wrote all these favourable reviews. Once again, Thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts!

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Tripadvisor Travelers' Choice 2023 Prakruthi Ayurveda Spa and Treatment Centre
Prakruthi Ayurveda Spa and Treatment Centre was awarded the Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice 2023 award
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WORDS OF WISDOM SERIES:  Doshas – bodily humours

“A person… whose bodily humours are in a state of equilibrium…,
is said to be a healthy person.”

sushruta samita 15:41

Doshas, as ‘bodily humours’ are defined in Ayurveda, are another vital factor to your health. Doshas describe the fundamental energies, forces, or principles that govern all bodily functions. The Sanskrit medical texts specify three types of ‘bodily humours’/doshasVata, Pitta, and Kapha. When the doshas are in a state of ‘equilibrium’ or balance (in Sanskrit sama dosha’) the person experiences good health and longevity. However, an imbalance in any of
the doshas can lead to various health problems and diseases in the body, mind, and spirit.

The three doshas are:

  1. Vata is composed of the elements of air and space and is responsible for our movement, communication, and creativity. Bodily functions like breathing, blood circulation, and elimination, as well as mental functions like imagination and intuition, are dominated by Vata, which is the catabolic principle.
  2. Pitta is composed of the elements fire and water and is responsible for digestion, metabolism, and transformation. Body temperature, vision, and skin quality, as well as mental functions such as intellect and willpower, are controlled by this dosha. Pitta is the metabolic principle. 
  3. Kapha is composed of the elements water and earth and is responsible for structure, stability, and lubrication. Growth, strength, immunity, and mental functions like love and compassion all belong to Kapha, the anabolic principle.

These descriptions are only an excerpt of another deep concept. Vata, Pitta, and Kapha have many, many more physiological functions in your body.

Each person though has a unique combination of these three doshas. This is called Prakriti (literally from Sanskrit: “one’s own nature”). The Prakriti determines your physical and mental characteristics. The dosha balance or imbalance (vikriti, literally meaning ‘change in the natural state’) directly influence your health and well-being as already mentioned. Consequently, factors like age, diet, stress levels, climate, and lifestyle habits may cause imbalances in one or more dosha.

Would you also enjoy good health and longevity? A consultation with our Ayurvedic doctor helps you maintain or regain balance within the doshas. He focuses on diet, lifestyle modifications, herbal remedies, and other therapies like massages and treatments. Book your appointment now!

Mind Map of the three doshas Vata Pitta and Kapha and the relationship to the elements
The Relation of the Doshas and the 5 Elements
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WORDS OF WISDOM SERIES:  Agni – The Digestive Fire


WORDS OF WISDOM SERIES:  Agni – The Digestive Fire

A person with a uniformly healthy digestion
…is said to be a healthy person.’

Sushruta Samhita 15:41

Agni – the digestive fire – the metabolic power within the human body, is one of the most important concepts in Ayurvedic medicine. Actually, call it the root of everything! Agni is responsible for transforming food into energy, building and repairing tissues, and eliminating waste products from the body. The term Agni is derived from Sanskrit, and means ‘fire’. This is an apt description since the average temperature of the stomach, where Agni is primarily located, is around 37.6°C (99.6 F).

Ayurveda describes thirteen types of Agni in the body. Each is responsible for a specific aspect of digestion and metabolism. They are named based on their location and function. The central fire Jatharagni is located in the stomach and small intestine It is responsible for digesting food. Five Bhutagni assimilate the five basic elements of the food we eat in the body. Besides these seven Dhatuagni transform nutrients into the seven bodily tissues (Dhatus).

When all these individual fires burn well balanced (samagni), the result will be indeed a ‘uniformly healthy person’, enjoying a long life. If Agni burns weak or too strong, it can lead to a range of health issues: indigestion, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and even more chronic conditions like autoimmune disorders, allergies, and inflammatory diseases are some of them. When the fire goes out the person dies. On the other hand, if Agni is strong and balanced, you are enthusiastic about life and exude a glow that makes you look healthy and vibrant. You will feel energetic and have strength and mental clarity. 

Ayurveda, therefore, suggests several ways to maintain a healthy Agni. Eating a balanced and seasonal diet, avoiding processed and junk food, eating at regular intervals, and practicing mindful eating are a few examples. Other lifestyle factors like exercise, stress management, and adequate sleep can also support the strength and balance of Agni. Ayurvedic herbs and spices like ginger, turmeric, and cumin have Agni-stimulating properties. They help you to digest and support a healthy metabolism. Panchakarma is another way to rectify the Agni.

Aim for a balanced Agni! Don’t let a weak or imbalanced digestive fire hold you back from feeling and acting your best! Let our Ayurvedic doctor guide you through your journey to your optimal health. Contact us today to book your Ayurvedic consultation now!

A fire burning brightly.
Agni – Fire
Image by on Freepik
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Body Scrub – Deha kandi

Many customers asked us about offering an Ayurvedic Body Scrub. Sometimes it is also called Deha kandi. So here it is for you!

The fine powder of the scrub consists of finely ground Ayurvedic herbs and a kind of mud.
A body scrub exfoliates the skin and removes the dead skin cells. It also increases the blood circulation. That leaves you with a super silky, soft, clean, rosy skin, feeling completely fresh and rejuvenated. Just come and try it out!

Look here to find out all the details:
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New Colour – New Rooms

Since the beginning of June we rented the downstairs rooms as well and are now able to offer you much nicer, fresh, airy treatment rooms and adjacent bright bathrooms. We are really happy about that. First thing we changed the outside colour of our house from pink to a much lighter colour. In the future we would like to offer you a wider range of treatment.

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Work going on

In the next few days I will update you on our different treatment rooms.

Our airy spa rooms are situated in the first floor. Curious to see our Seaview treatment room?

The window blinds can be opened or shut according to your wishes.

Seaview Treatment Room Prakruthi Ayurveda Spa
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Our New Location

New Prakruthi Spa and Treatment Centre

Mid August 2021 I moved into the new location at the Le Cafe premises. It is just a few houses away from the old Prakruthi Ayurveda site and many of you might remember the restaurant Le Cafe as well. In the beginning everything looked a bit bleak and I found it hard to start again. The sudden break up with my former business partner left me really struggling in many ways. But your encouraging words and deeds kept me going. Thank you so much!

Since then I renovated the rooms and tried to make them as comfortable as possible for you. This is still an ongoing process of course.

From September onward I also work no longer alone, but along with my new colleagues Remya and Akhilesh. Both are young and highly motivated. Pictures will follow. I’m very grateful they joined me in these times of uncertainty.

So: we are open, ready to receive and spoil you!

When will you come and visit us?

For bookings and inquiries just call:

+91 96339 22075

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Dear Friends,

You might have wondered how we fared through this Covid-19 pandemic. Sad to say, it has not passed us without a scar.

Unfortunately Dr Hari and me split up during that time due to insurmountable differences.

So each one will pursue his own business. He will keep the location and I will keep the name and website Prakruthi Ayurveda.

I wish Dr Hari and his team all the best for their future business.

I will update you on my new location as soon as everything is fixed.

See you soon

Jojo Jacob, Prakruthi Ayurveda

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Great news for us: “With the exception of beaches, all tourist destinations in Kerala will reopen on Monday with strict adherence to COVID protocols. However, beaches are likely to open only from November 1….” (Read more at:

So we are open since Monday again to welcome you back to our beautiful Cherai!

Of course you can rest assured that we perform all our services, massages and treatments according to the government guidelines and requirements. We will also take your temperature contactless.

When you want to visit our Spa, please make sure you wear a face mask. We will provide a disposable extra face mask for the treatment time.

We thoroughly clean, disinfect and air the room prior to each new guest.

AYUSH recommended immunity medicines are also readily available such as amrita, ashwagandha in our treatment centre.

We are ready for you!
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