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If ginger makes you only think of ginger bread men now at Christmas or Ginger Ale – think again!

Ginger, Zingiber officinale (ഇഞ്ചി – Inji for fresh and ചുക്ക്‌ – chukku for dried -in Malayalam) is a tropical/sub-tropical plant and is called in ancient Ayurvedic texts ‘universal medicine’. The root – rhizome – is used either fresh or dried and powdered.

Fresh and also dry ginger both reduce vata and kapha, which makes it perfect for common winter ailments. 

The qualities however are a little different: fresh one is dry, hot and heavy whereas dry ginger is oily, hot, light and becomes sweet after digestion. It is also sattvic.

Besides the fact that it can also be used outside for wounds on your skin, the main use is internal.

The benefits of ginger are numerous, but the main use is for the digestive and respiratory tract.

Ginger dry and powder

Ginger Powder and Dried Ginger

Famously ginger is part of Trikatu – the ‘three hot ones’ besides pippali  (Piper longum) and black pepper.

However before you start using ginger therapeutically consult our Doctor.

Here are a few simple ways in which ginger can be of help to you:


Put about 1 inch of fresh ginger, peeled and cut in small pieces in about 1 l of boiled water, let it seep for about 10 min – fill in a flask to keep warm

This ‘infusion’ you can drink hot daily in small sips over a longer period of time with a lot of positive effects on your body – for example:
it strengthens the immune system and the digestion, detoxes, rejuvenates, increases the gastric fire (agni) and is supportive while trying to loose weight – in case there should be someone amongst you after the festive season. 😉 Ginger also has antibiotic properties.

When suffering from a common COLD or FLU:

Fresh Ginger Rhizome

  • mix
  • 2 parts ginger
  • 3 parts cinnamon
  • pinch of cardamon
  • take 1 tsp of mix in a cup of hot water and steep 10 – 15 min
  • sweeten with honey when cooled down




Combine 1 tsp of freshly grated ginger with 1 tsp of lime juice and take right after eating.

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