Kaya Seka, Taila Seka or Sarvanga Senchana…
Whichever name you prefer – this is one of the most exciting Ayurveda treatments!
It is an oiling and healthy sweating all at the same time.
Over a period of 45 minutes or more your body is poured with warmed oil in a specific manner.
The therapists thereby use oil soaked cloths which they squeeze out subsequently over the receiving person. Even the height from which they do so is specified according to your condition.
During the treatment you will sit or lay in different positions.
While the oil is continuously flowing on your body you also receive a gentle massage.

This type of treatment is indicated to reduce increased Vata dosha and degenerative diseases of the muscles.
You must try at your next stay with us!

Pizhichil given to patient

Pizhichil given to patient

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