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Jojo Jacob

My name is Jojo Jacob. It makes me happy to solve issues with your tissues. Relief and joy people experience when I was able to help them  is still the best experience of my life as  a long time Ayurvedic therapist. Sharing my knowledge with the younger generation of therapists is another reason or happiness.

Now it is already more than 15 years that I practise Ayurvedic treatments in Cherai. I started out as a massage / panchakarma therapist in the Cherai Beach Resort and worked there for 6 years. That is where I met many of you dear ‘old’ friends for the first time.
Later, an Ayurvedic Doctor (who does not want to be named) and I teamed up as partners and started Prakruthi Ayurveda. After 9 years of working together we decided to go our own separate ways. I would like to thank him and the loyal team for the nice experience in my life. 

Here now in August 2021 it is exciting and at the same time a little scary to stand on my own feet and looking forward to this brand new adventure, while a lot of uncertainty surrounds us. I moved only few feet away from the old location and started with a fresh, highly motivated team. 

How did Ayurveda enter into my life?

Having grown up amongst the lush latex plantations of Kanjirapally I was interested from an early age onwards in all kinds of natural things and was curious to learn how things function. When I was about 6 or 7 years old I often closely observed how the older villagers used their traditional knowledge to fix or heal common injuries that would happen during the every day life: sprains, dislocations and so forth. Most of those older mens knowledge resulted from their former training in Kalarippayat.  Kalarippayat is not only the traditional Kerala martial arts but it also has its own system of dealing with the injuries of the wounded and bruised ‘warriors’.  As a young lad I started to learn  Kalarippayat myself. I was fascinated by the physical training and even more by its unique healing techniques. Originally only just out of pure curiosity I asked for training in Marma therapy. The Marma system describes vital points in our body. By knowing and treating these points one can heal (or hurt) a person. My Guru instructed me in the massage with the hand and finally in the Kalari Foot Massage. This very special massage is done with the feet of the therapist and reaches down to the deepest tissues of the body. The Kalari methods focuses primarily on pain relief (as I mentioned before originally for the wounded warriors).

I realised that I will be able to help a lot of persons who are ‘wounded’ or suffer from back-, shoulder- or other  joint pain. So I decided to turn my passion into my profession, leaving my work as a mechanic behind. My knowledge was rounded up by education and training in Panchakarma therapy and the classical Ayurveda oil massages. This opened a lot of further possibilities to relieve people from different kind of other ailments such as mental stress, muscle tension etc.

After a brief time of practising in Goa, I came to Cherai Beach in 2005.

Over the long period of time I saw with my own eyes  the many good results Ayurvedic manual therapy can bring.  I enjoy to see my dear customers (and sometimes even close friends by now) returning again and again to refresh their bodies or to get rid of some pain here and there.

I’m happy to finally fully practice what I know and would like to help as many people as possible to become free from pain and make their life a little easier.

What I do when I do no Kalari/Ayurveda?

…then I enjoy being a husband of my dear wife and a family father of 3 children, 2 sons and one little princess.

I also really like working in my plot of land like planting and harvesting. 

What would make me really happy?  To meet you! That would help me also to continue my work in the future. 

So: Make Time for Yourself! and come to enjoy a treatment or find relief from your specific pain.

Jerin PJ

– also called Jeri, I am 28 years old and the male therapist at Prakruthi Ayurveda

I am born and bred in Cherai and I live only a short ride away from our Spa. That is where my family lives. I studied panchakarma in the Lourde Hospital in Njarakkal and after that I worked as a panchakarma therapist at the same hospital for 4 years, then for 1 year in the Karippayi Hospital, Paravoor.  working as an Ayurveda therapist. During the hospital time I also learned to prepare special Ayurvedic medicines. Also I work as a freelance therapist in different resorts around Cherai.

Doing good for other people is a thing very dear to my heart. That is my vocation.  In practising Ayurveda I found a way of expression.

My favourite treatment is the rejuvenation massage because it is a full circulation of the body. Each part of the body gets detailed attention. I love it when the patient can completely relax and let the emotions run freely. Then I am also most relaxed as well and it makes me extremely happy as well. 

What do I do when I do no Ayurveda?

I love riding my black Unicorn bike along the lush green slopes of Munnar. The place enchants me with its cooling atmosphere and its beautiful nature. Also I like singing christian devotional songs, and spending time with people and live a peaceful life. 

My biggest dream?

…one day a happy family. 

Our Lady Therapists: Sathi and Suleka 

Sathi and Suleka

Both of them are Ayurveda veterans! Their expertise and knowledge is a treasure! We know each other for a almost 16 years! I’m very happy they joined our team. 

Sathi is born and bread in Cherai, where she also still lives. Already since  2005 she works in Cherai as therapist. Beside her work she enjoys looking after 4 grandchildren!

Suleka is from the nearby Ernakulam district, lives now close to Cherai and has been working as a therapist in Cherai since 2007. Suleka has 2 grandchildren so far whom she loves very much.

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