Pulse Diagnosis – Nadi Pareeksha

Pulse Diagnosis - Nadi Pareeksha

Checking the pulse of a patient

Why should you consult with our Vaidya (physician) Dr. Harikumar before you start any treatment?

Ayurveda is a practical, clinical, medical science. It uses different methods to find out wether or not your body is working properly, for example examination of pulse, urine, feces, eyes, tongue, speech, skin and form. The most important of these methods is the reading of the pulse. 

By feeling your pulse at your wrists he can detect reliably any physical and emotional imbalances as well as diseases – and most of all – the root cause of them. The Vaidyas fingertips can also ‘read’ which future health problems you might encounter.
He will advise you how to optimize your nutrition and life style and suggest a treatment program according to your real needs. This will help you to prevent many problems in the future.

For better diagnostic results pulse diagnosis is done on an empty stomach, or at least three hours after food.

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